Mar 18, 2016

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella Risk Assessment

Under the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8. Landlords and Person in control of premises will need to carry out a legionnaire’s risk assessment and take action if necessary.
What is Legionnaire’s disease?
Legionnaire’s disease is a severe pneumonia-like illness caused by the legionella bacteria. It is potentially a fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible to infection. The bacteria can be more harmful to some people i.e. young children, elderly, low immune system etc.
Where are the bacteria found?
Legionella Bacteria are common in natural water sources i.e. rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but this is usually in low numbers. They can also be found in purpose-built water systems such as hot and cold water systems, spa pools, cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
Action required:
If YOU are a landlord or Person in control of premises, then you have health and safety duties and are required to take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to legionella.
Our Trained Legionella Risk Assessors will conduct a site survey with photographic evident on the property and identify any potential risks to tenants from its water system. From the survey, a details report will be produced and highlighting any potential risks and recommendations.

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